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Top notch bushfire timbers in  South West Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Tablelands

When considering to build, or renovate, in certain areas of NSW in a bush fire prone area a site assessment will need to be undertaken to determine the hazard level of your site.

Hayter’s Timber can help you select the correct timber species to utilise if your site falls under any of the bush fire hazard levels. 

It’s commonly accepted that Australian timber is one of the most sought-after materials when it comes it domestic home construction, decks and verandahs. However, the harsh Australian climate means that many areas are prone to bushfires. In order to minimise risk to property, new structures should comply with Australian Standard AS3959 -2009. ( BAL - B ushfire A ttack L evels) ( BRT - B ushfire R ate T imber)

Useful tips

  • Keep your verandah well maintained by sealing timber with a non-combustible seal. You can phone Hayter’s friendly staff to discuss available products.
  • Fill in small gaps around structures or decks where embers might lodge.
  • Check that the decking is spaced at around 0 - 5mm as gaps of 5 - 10mm are particularly vulnerable to ember attack
  • Enclose the subfloor of the verandah using mesh or bushfire-resistant timbers (such as Blackbutt and Spotted Gum)  
  • Do not use flammable shrubs or woodchips when landscaping as these can become fuel for a fire. Instead, try decorative stones or fire-resistant plants.
  • Remove leaves and twigs from gutters

    Theses brochures will also provide further knowledge to assist you. 

    PLEASE NOTE:  these Tips are provided as General information only and should not be construed as authoritative.
    Please read the attached brochures for more detailed and authoritative information.

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