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Hayters Timber & Paving are committed to giving their customers as much information as possible about their product range. This allows you to make an educated and informed decision about the right material, finish or style for your property. If you have any questions that you’d like answered, feel free to call Hayters today on 02 4629 6000.  Alternatively, take a look at some of their frequently asked questions below.

Q. I am interested in purchasing some firewood. Should I contact the retail store or the sawmill?
A. Hayters do supply firewood to customers from their sawmill, but if you contact one of our retail stores Hayters can arrange the details from there.

Q. I am trying to get a hold of some sawdust for bedding in my stables. Can you supply this product for this purpose?
A. Yes, Hayters do supply sawdust for animal bedding. Simply contact the sawmill direct and you can discuss the details.

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If you have any more questions about Hayters products or services, call their friendly team to chat today on 02 4629 6000. Hayters are more than happy to help.
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