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Glass and metal tiles in South West Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Tablelands

Glass/metal tiles

Glass tiles come in a massive array of styles, sizes, textures and colours. 

Glass is one of the purest materials to make tiles from, and whilst traditionally they have been a little more expensive than say ceramic or porcelain tiles, they are gaining in popularity big time – this has helped to actually bring the pricing down significantly over the past few years. 

It’s a popular material for decorative and feature tiles. Many small mosaics, often found in swimming pool applications, bathrooms, kitchen splashbacks, etc., are made from glass because of its reflective properties; however, some people choose to use larger format glass tiles for feature walls and in commercial applications like pubs, clubs and restaurants. 

The most common style of glass tile is in the form of small mosaics and these are often used on kitchen splashbacks and in swimming pool applications. Tiles manufactured from glass come in literally hundreds of colours and various sizes, making it very easy to find something to suit both your project and budget. You can get some even that have real gold flecks through them. They really are a thing of beauty. 

Sizing of glass tiles usually range from 25mm x 25mm up to some as big as 600x300, and everything in between. 

The majority of glass tiles on the market tend to be in the form of mosaics, where they are small individual tiles that are joined and bonded in a pattern together on a matte or sheet backing, while others come as individual tiles in 100x100 size and larger.

There are some that even look like bamboo, crushed shattered glass, bubble look and mother-of-pearl effect. These are usually a clear see-through style, whereas the mosaics are usually mottled in finish and more of a translucent effect. The range truly is endless with far too many to show here.

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Kitchen splashbacks

The kitchen splashback is the focal point of the kitchen and often sets the tone for the rest of the house. Therefore, when choosing an appropriate kitchen splashback tile you should make it blend in with your countertops, cabinets and other decorating designs so it’s subtle and not too “in your face”. 

As a splashback covers a relatively small area, the expense of the kitchen splashback area is small compared to the visual impact you can achieve. Any good kitchen that gets regularly used will receive its fair share of splatters and drips, so a ceramic, stainless steel, mosaic glass or even a glazed porcelain tile makes a great solution to your splashback application. You can get some great ideas for designing a kitchen backsplash tile by looking at some of the examples found on this website. 

Always remember that a splashback will either really make or break the overall kitchen result, so choose wisely and don’t let just your pocket decide; let your design sense and heart choose. 

Splashbacks are usually a relatively small area and make up for a small percentage of the total kitchen cost. Therefore, they are often the least expensive part of your kitchen renovation, so you can afford to splash out (no pun intended) a little. 

Often the distance between the bench top and the underside of overhead cupboards is 600mm, so there are countless options from using traditional 100x100 tiles in six rows high with the odd contrasting insert feature tile through to 600x300 white rectified edge tiles stood upright with a classy metal, glass or stone contrasting area above the stove top or hotplates.

A carefully selected kitchen splashback tile can make a modest home look expensive and classy. Plan ahead, and choose a good kind of kitchen splashback tile to suit your style.

Kitchen splashbacks

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