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State-of-the-art kit homes in South West Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Tablelands

YZY Kit Homes

YZY Kit Homes is a European company that specialises in creating high-quality kit homes for customers in Australia. All the homes are made from Nordic Pine Spruce that is grown in FSC certified forests. After the trees have grown to their desired size, they are cut and delivered to the manufacturer. Here, they are treated in a wood drying kiln before being milled in accordance with an engineering drawing. After all of these steps have been carried out, your home is packed and shipped directly to you in Australia. 

About us

YZY Kithomes is a combination of two worlds - European engineered and made Scandinavian structures in good hands of reputable Aussie builders.

Our assigned builders have an extensive experience building studios, garden rooms and backyard cabins from different manufacturers or designing them from scratch for decades. So, they can provide you with competent advice and comparison of different options conversant with local building regulations.

Distributing YZY structures through authorized distributors, carefully selected builders with a track record and reputation makes our clients very happy cabin owners. By word of mouth more and more people are choosing YZY cabins for their quality features, professional service and good value for money.

All YZY backyard studios have been developed to suit Australian taste and climate and we are the only company in Australia that walked that extra mile to provide Aussies with superior products. We added more windows to let more light in, made higher ceilings and doors [Aussies are tall people!], added stainless steel rods to suit costal areas, developed comprehensive installation manuals for DIY enthusiasts.

YZY cabins may be built as an exempt development in NSW [that is without council approval]. Also, with our 20m2 cabins you have choice of building it without council approval or as a habitable cabin and it will suit requirements for either choice: their internal ceiling height satisfies the requirement to be average of 2.4m for habitable and the height of buildings is up to 3m to comply with exempt development standards.

Timber kit homes

Backyard cabins and studios

For art/painting studio, home office, teenage or parents' retreat, holiday property accommodation, she shed, man-cave, you name it!


Sicilia is packed with superb features such as double glazing on all doors and windows, superb grade 44 mm solid timber boards, has a separate room inside for a bathroom or a storage room. Perfect for a Teenage studio, Parents retreat or a pool house.
Sicilia specifications


Corsica is a spacious one room backyard cabin mostly used for a guest room, teenage retreat, as a she shed or an art/painting studio. It is also perfect for a pool house or a change room, featuring safety glass or double glazing on all doors and windows.
Sicilia specifications

CRETE, 12m²

Classical style Crete is perfect for those looking for a quality art studio, a home office or a recreational space. Designed with love and superbly manufactured timber backyard cabin is always inviting to kick back and relax on a deck after a day's work.
Sicilia specifications


Modern style cabin is perfect for a painting studio, kids' play room or a workshop and is a bargain for those wanting a fast remedy to complete their garden landscape. Any handy man should DIY assemble it in just one day on a prepared level base.
Sicilia specifications

Premium timber kit homes

Premium inclusions

  • Factory treated superior grade Nordic spruce 34 or 44 mm wall boards
  • Stainless steel rods in all corners essential for a solid structure
  • T&G roof boards
  • Internal 44mm walls and doors (Sicilia only)
  • Double glazing on all windows and doors (Sicilia and Corsica 44mm)
  • Safety glass on all windows and doors (Corsica 34mm, Crete and Majorca)
  • Double French doors with aluminium threshold
  • Up to 6 windows, please refer to the floor plans
  • Door and window handles
  • Bolts, screws, nails
  • Comprehensive assembly instructions with 3D illustrations
  • Factory
    Flexible kit home options

    Flexible options

    • Custom size veranda/decking
    • Timber or steel sub-floor or a slab base
    • Various flooring like timber, laminate or carpet
    • Custom roofing like Colorbond or other
    • Gutters and down pipes
    • Electrical
    • Plumbing
    • Kitchen fit out
    • Bathroom fit out
    • Extra windows
    • Painting
      Range of great benefits


      • Well insulated
      • Engineered to high wind loads
      • Certified to suit cyclonic regions
      • Easy transportable to hard-to-access sites
      • Assembled in 1-2 days
      • No need for wall lining
      • No need for council approval*
      • Pro-Installed by experienced local builder
      • 3D illustrated manuals for DIY
      • Available for immediate delivery

        What is Nordic Pine Spruce?

        YZY kit homes are made from Nordic Pine Spruce, a hardwood harvested from FSC certified trees. Not only does this mean that the materials being used to create your home aren’t having a detrimental effect on the environment, it also means it’ll be a healthy and natural place to live in – you’ll be able to smell the woods inside your home.

        Designed specifically for Australians

        Compared to many places around the world, the Australian climate is a paradise. With more than 90% of our days being filled with sunshine, YZY Kit Homes are designed to let as much light in as possible. This truly makes your home feel like part of nature. And, with the ability to acquire an extra room in your backyard without needing council approval, it’s now easier than ever to get a kit home.

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