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Affordable timber logs, poles and piles in South West Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Tablelands

Hayters Timber & Paving offer a vast range of timber logs, poles and piles to customers from South West Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Tablelands. These may be treated up to H6 for marine applications or untreated depending on your specific requirements. Hayters also manufacture treated timber rounds, winged splits and half rounds, and can treat poles up to 20 metres in length.

Hayters high-quality logs, poles and piles are suitable for a wide variety of applications, including:

  • Timber telegraph poles
  • Maritime wharf pylons
  • Timber house piles
  • Timber vineyard sticks and stays
  • Timber jetty poles and bearers

    If you’re looking for timber logs, poles and piles in South West Sydney the Southern Highlands and Tablelands, call Hayters today on 02 4653 1352 and they’ll be more than happy to help.

    Timber experts

    Hayters Timber & Paving is your local leader for timber services in South West Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Tablelands. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry and a relationship with timber and carpentry that dates back to the early 19 th century, timber work is in their blood. Hayters have a diverse range of responsibly sourced products available for all kinds of applications. So whether you’re looking for vineyard sticks and stays or timber telegraph poles, they have you covered at Hayters Timber & Paving.

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    To find out more about Hayters high-quality timber logs, poles and piles, or for a free quote, call their friendly team today on  02 4653 1352 .
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