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Affordable plywood solutions in South West Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Tablelands

Are you looking for a timber solution for your roof construction job in South West Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Tablelands? Or maybe you need a solution for that DYI project around your house? Whatever your timber needs may be, Hayters excellent range of plywood solutions may be just right for you.


Nailed plywood

Plywood is a sheet timber made from several thin layers of wooden veneer. These lightweight, flexible layers combine to create a strong, durable surface that can be used in a broad range of applications. Depending on the number of layers used in the manufacture of the plywood, different thicknesses can be produced to create either flexible or rock solid surfaces.

With over 40 years’ experience, Hayters have a wealth of knowledge and expertise designing and manufacturing plywood solutions of all shapes and sizes. Whether you need plywood sheets for furniture design or need to lay down a structural panel in your building project, they have you covered.

Plywood dimensions

Sheet Size Thickness Structural
1220mm x 2440mm 7mm No
1220mm x 2440mm 9mm No
1220mm x 2440mm 12mm No
1220mm x 2440mm 15mm No
1220mm x 2440mm 18mm No
Formply Film Face
1220mm x 2440mm 17mm Yes
1220mm x 2440mm 18mm Yes
Particle Board Flooring
900mm x 3600mm 19mm Yellow/Orange Tongue Yes
900mm x 3600mm 22mm Red Tongue Yes
Hayters stock or source a range of structural (AS2269) and non-structural (imported) plywood. Hayters also offer timber treatment services to plywood products.

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