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High-quality compost bins in South West Sydney, the Southern Highlands and Tablelands

Hayters Timber & Paving are passionate about encouraging people to do their bit for the environment. While there are many things that we can’t directly affect, we can make little changes to help lower our carbon footprint. One great way to do this is by growing your own herbs and vegetables. 

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Vegetables are grown all over the world. They’re picked, packaged and shipped to cities, towns and villages in every corner of the globe. And they end up on the shelf in your local store having travelled thousands of miles. While that’s a convenient system for some, it’s so much more rewarding and cost-effective to grow your own herbs and vegetables at home. You save time going to the shops, you save money and, of course, you help to save the planet by lowering your carbon footprint.

Hayters vegetable patches and compost bins are some of their most popular products. Made from plantation pine timber treated with NaturaWood ACQ, it’s sure to provide a durable, long-lasting home for your vegetables. All of Hayters veggie patches and compost bins are supplied in flat-pack form with screws and are easy to assemble.


All Hayters veggie plots measure 2400mm x 1200mm

Outside: 2500mm x 1200mm Inside: 2400mm x 1100mm

Other sizes are available as a custom-made option


200mm veggie patch Flat-pack form with screws. Easy to assemble $99.00
400mm veggie patch Flat-pack form with screws. Easy to assemble $195.00
600mm veggie patch Flat-pack form with screws. Easy to assemble $260.00



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